12th of September 2015


Johnny Patience will offer a three hour film photography workshop before the photowalk (click here for details). The workshop will cover the technical foundation for shooting film (metering, exposure, common misconceptions and film characteristics). This will be followed by an in-depth personal discussion about finding and developing your own artistic style, sharing and gaining recognition for your work, and the importance of gear, film stock and lab in translating your vision. The workshop will end with an open dialogue/Q&A session. The workshop is directed at photographers with an intermediate level of experience (ability to shoot in manual mandatory) and is open to digital, hybrid and film shooters working with any and all camera brands. It will be held in the Leica Store New York SoHo and is limited to 10 participants. Drinks and a light lunch are complimentary. Each workshop participant will receive a voucher from Richard Photo Lab, film from Kodak Alaris and a light meter from Lumu.
Investment: 250,- USD
Leica Store New York SoHo, 460 West Broadway, New York


NYCWLK starts at 3pm at the Leica Store SoHo, and will take about 3 hours with stops. Our route takes us down Prince and Elizabeth Streets, through Chinatown, across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Brooklyn Bridge Park. Participants are encouraged to stop for as many photos as they like and to enjoy socializing with other photographers during the walk. NYCWLK ends at 61 Local, a popular Brooklyn pub where you are invited to join us for a relaxed social gathering and your choice of food and drinks.
Investment: free
Leica Store New York SoHo, 460 West Broadway, New York


You’re welcome to join us after the walk to hang out, make some new friends (or reacquaint yourself with old ones), and indulge in some photography chatter at 61 Local, one of Brooklyn’s favorite pubs set in an old carriage house. If you like, you can order sandwiches, tapas, or a platter from the dinner menu – or sample local handcrafted beer, wine or coffee. This is an open ended invitation, just let us know if you’ll be there so we can reserve you a spot at our table!
Investment: billed individually
61 Local, 61 Bergen Street, Brooklyn


NYCWLK is a New York City-based informal photo walk and social gathering that is open to all photographers, regardless of experience level, brand affiliation or medium (film, digital or hybrid). It is organized by photographers Johnny Patience, his wife Rebecca Patience and Bijan Sabet. The day represents a non-competitive, supportive and fun environment where all are welcome. At 10am there will be a three-hour film workshop hosted by Johnny Patience, followed by the photowalk from 3 to approximately 6pm. We will finish the day with socializing, drinks and food at 61 Local at 6pm (open end). We are privileged to have Richard Photo Lab, Kodak Alaris, Leica Store New York SoHo, Lumu and ONA sponsoring NYCWLK. You are welcome to attend as many of these events as you would like to participate in. Spaces are limited to 10 for the workshop, 30 for dinner/drinks and 35 for the photowalk, so please confirm early. We hope to see you there!


Johnny Patience (Host)
Rebecca Patience (Host)
Bijan Sabet (Host) [Blog post]
Mike Pouliot (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Jason de Plater (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Jakob (Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Michael Pretzsch (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Cooper Smith (Photowalk)
Shawn Hoke (Dinner)
Ray Larose (Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Justin Tsang (Photowalk + Dinner)
Kirtan Patel (Photowalk + Dinner)
Thi Ho (Photowalk + Dinner)
Joe Rizk (Photowalk + Dinner)
Valerie Caro (Photowalk + Dinner)
Thomas Skrlj (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Peter Wu (Photowalk + Dinner)
Riley Joseph (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Bill McCarroll (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Diana McCarroll (Photowalk + Dinner)
Mike Fraser (Photowalk)
Andy DelGiudice (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Scott Birnbaum (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Mark Chou (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Cody Priebe (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner) [Blog post]
Carla (Photowalk + Dinner)
Mike Kerr (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Evan Schwanke (Photowalk + Dinner)
Gabby Schwanke (Photowalk + Dinner)
Guri Venstad (Photowalk)
Jon Wilkening (Photowalk + Dinner)
Christian Koch (Photowalk + Dinner)
Roger Goun (Photowalk + Dinner)
Francesca Prati (Photowalk + Dinner)
Olya Vitulli (Photowalk)
Samantha Chen (Photowalk) [Blog post]
Rich Stillwell (Photowalk)
Elan Cohen (Workshop + Photowalk + Dinner)
Joshua Harris (Photowalk)

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Workshop: 0/10
Photowalk: 0/35
Dinner/Drinks: 0/30


Please register here to reserve your spot.
We’re looking forward to meeting you in New York City!